Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am a feminist. And yes, I do shave my legs.

I consider myself to be a feminist because I believe that women are equally important as men and share an equally vital role in society. Any person that recognizes the role of a woman to be important and can celebrate what being a woman is all about as well as identify with the struggles women go through sometimes in order to gain that equality is someone that can identify themselves as a feminist. Feminism is about embracing womanhood and being proud to be a woman. It's being able to have opportunities and make choices that will open doors and pave new roads for other females to do the same.

The stereotypes associated with feminist have it all wrong. All you have to do is Google "feminist" and images like these will pop up:

The fact that feminist are stereotyped to hate men and are automatically considered lesbians that they refuse to shave their legs and even refuse to have children is an unsettling reality that is important to correct in order to gain respect and acknowledgment in the very significant things feminists stand for. I am sure there are even women out there that would stereotype feminist this way. There are feminist voicing very substantial ideas and opinions that become devalued due to this very unrealistic stereotype.

So how can anyone expect people to listen to them if they are automatically dismissed as "man hatin', ball breakin', hairy legged feminist?"
This has got to change.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your page, and I do agree with you to some degree. If it wasn't for feminist and the movement I would not be able to do many of the things I do today. However don't you feel that today feminist are still looked down upon or take things to another level. I feel you have people that want to make a difference and then you have the women and the feminist who I feel do it for attention? But I liked your page and I do agree!!

  2. Thank You!! Oh and without a doubt, if it wasn't for the feminist before us that were a part of the movement we wouldn't be given anywhere near the same opportunities we are today. I'm not sure I know exactly what you mean when you say feminist today take things to another level? Certainly feminist today are continuously furthering the progress of the women before them. Sure, there are probably are 'feminist' out there that are solely trying to draw attention to themselves, and maybe that attention is the wrong kind. But if that attention is shining the feminist values in a positive light, then there's not much we can really criticize them on.

  3. I completely agree with your post. If it were not for the people that brought attention to this mistreatment of women women would not have progressed in society. I read an article the other day on sexual harassment and it mentioned that prior to the 1970's the term sexual harassment was not used. One sexual harassment was named, those who were targets of it had a way to define their experience and demand institutional and legal redress. Although obviously a different situation I think this sheds light on the issue of the importance of acknowledgment on women's rights. And like you had mentioned Brittany although some feminist may try and push for their rights in the wrong way the fact is they are still bringing attention to the issue. I do feel that some ways in which certain, more radical, groups of feminist behave may send a negative stereotype on more feminist but if it were not for the outspoken strong women we would not have the equalities that we have today. Although I would never be the type to stand out and push for my equal rights (and its not that I don't believe in them or want them it is just not my personality) I do admire the women that get the courage and strength to voice their opinion.

  4. I agree that herms, ferms, and merms must be under a constant feeling of subordination. I'm sure that they would feel isolated because they are not a perfect x or y and most will not be able or want to relate to them if they let out this secret. And that is what it is for many of them,a secret that they must hide by pretending to be a specific gender. However, according to one of our assigned articles, I was surprised at how many people are in this boat. Just like we now have gay rights movements, I think we should raise more awareness for this group of people.

  5. I love your blog!!! This is so stereotypical, but sadly so many people believe that those pictures is what feminism is. I'm so glad that you consider yourself as a feminist and are standing up for what you believe in!! I 100% agree that this stereotype needs to change, especially because there are many men feminists as well. You did a great job defining what feminism is to you and i loved your blog!