Thursday, June 24, 2010

Keeping Pornography Legalized

The first amendment gives pornography validity in the legal world under freedom of expression. And you know what, that's fine. If someone finds that type of "art" pleasurable, who are we to keep them from enjoying themselves? Certainly the depiction of sexual violence within pornography and the forcing of women to participate against their will is an obvious problem that should be acknowledged as well as forbidden under legal documentation. Definite restrictions should be placed on pornographic content in order to address the connection sexually violent material has with the reoccurring sexual assault of women.

But what would happen to the world of adult entertainment if pornography was made illegal?
One has to think about the aftermath. I believe the aftermath is that it won't just go away.

I strongly feel that making pornography illegal isn't the solution to these problems. If pornography became illegal and yet there was still a large enough demand for that kind of material, you can bet that there will still be people trying to make money from the production of pornographic material. History has proven that the government has a harder time trying to control something when it has been completely banned from society as illegal. In my opinion, it would be easier for women to be sexually harassed and abused in an environment that deems pornography illegal as oppose to a society where pornography is legalized with restrictions.

What would happen to those men that enjoy pornography so much? Do you think they would be happy campers if their outlet for pleasuring themselves was taken away from them? I feel as if those type of men would become violent and search for other means to satisfy themselves sexually, possibly taking action upon innocent and unwilling females.

Personally, I see it as a no win situation. Pornography is definitely demeaning to women, but I see no solution in banning it all together. It is a sad thing to see it as the bright side, but if a women is willing to involve herself in pornography that is her choice and I'd rather a man find satisfaction in her than to attempt to find it from another female that is unwilling to be involved.

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