Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reproductive Choice

I think the broadening the discussion of reproductive choice beyond the issue of abortion is vital to the women affected all around the United States and even the globe in order for them to gain control over what happens to their bodies.

It is no secret that abortion is a controversial issue. Nearly everyone has a clear cut and defined opinion on the matter. Although there are obstacles women have to go through in order to have abortions, the fact of the matter is much progress has been made. Multiple court cases have been brought through the Supreme Court in handling this issue's controversy so that ultimately, abortions are legal. I am coming at this topic from a pro-choice stance on abortion, although I would not chose that option for myself but I do feel it is the woman's choice. So in my opinion, the fact that women are legally allowed to have an abortion is a huge thing for the progress of reproductive choice.

Reproductive choice, as defined in our class lecture, involves being able to have safe and affordable birthing and parenting options, reliable, safe and affordable birth control technologies, freedom from forced sterilization and finally the availability of abortion.

The other aspects of reproductive choice should become more of the focus on women's rights to their bodies. I think that because abortion is such an extreme topic of controversy for so many people, it takes the center stage. The reality is, that these other topics have been left in the dust and are in need of making progress towards the improvement, availability and education to women all over the world.

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